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Pricing & Stock | No need for price sheets, handle it all in one easy space.

We all know the struggles of price increases and updates the furniture trade sees, with varying costs causing price fluctuations seemingly every month. DataHouse is designed to help keep the trade's pricing all in one place, meaning less time emailing out lists and being confident you have the right prices in the right places.

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DataHouse & Automatic Systems

When product prices are updated by a supplier in DataHouse, our system alerts retailers to any updates that are coming. Then, at a time specified by the supplier, product pricing in every retailer's DataHouse will update and align with the new pricing structure added by the supplier. Automatically.

DataHouse & Stock

Keeping retailers and end customers informed of stock availability is crucial in today's furniture trade. It's the difference between an easy sale and a "let me just check with the office" back and forth. Using DataHouse, you can keep everyone informed of stock levels, helping to further boost sales thanks to important information being available instantly to the customer.

Already using a stock system? We can pull the stock data directly into your DataHouse to keep your stock management in one place, helping to ensure a wider reach and accurate data everywhere your cutomers see your products.

Data, Prices, and Ordering. Welcome to our House.

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