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Product Data Management | A perfect place for you to store and manage your data.

Our system can handle everything from the simplest of products, to fully bespoke multi-level option products. Being furniture people, we understand the data challenges facing the trade, meaning we have spent time creating a system that can handle unique rules that come from furniture products.

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DataHouse & Your Data

As a supplier, you can upload all of your product data into DataHouse, or ask us to integrate with a current system to keep the data entry all at one focal point. Your product information will cover images, prices, SKU codes, options, dimensions and text content, all of which can be quickly entered using our streamlined upload methods.

As a retailer, you can access all of the above information from your selected suppliers inside DataHouse, and pull it instantly into your system to use for stock ordering, customer sales, web integrations and more.

DataHouse & Time Management

We appreciate that using systems to enter product information has been a frustrating process in the past, but DataHouse is designed to streamline that process thanks to being a furniture focused company.

You can simply create a spreadsheet or a csv file to begin uploading products instantly into the system. Alternatively, we can create a data feed from your current system, meaning all of your existing data and prices can be pulled into DataHouse quickly and cleanly to help get you up and running faster.

DataHouse & Security

As a Supplier, you are in control of who sees what. Every retailer on DataHouse must request access to your data, which is where you can either accept or reject a request. Furthermore, you can select exactly what each customer sees, helping you keep a split between custom items and more general products easily and securely.

As a Retailer, you can also select which products you add into DataHouse, and whether or not they will be visible to customers in your sales presenter, or simply in your admin area for you to order stock and more!

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